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Building human towers

The tradition of building human towers or “castells” dates back to the 18th century and takes place during festivals in Catalonia, where “colles” or teams c… http://awe.sm/cKmur

Another H&M Collab You Won’t Want To Miss

Another H&M Collab You Won’t Want To Miss

H&M Design Award 2014 - Eddy Anemian

Oh Fall, oh Fall. You’ve brought us many amazing collaborations. We love it, H&M. You are good for our fashions hearts. What an amazing collaborations. H&m seems to be working with great fashion designers lately. I just love it. It adds a little more to the usual h&m clothing lines.I’ve already wrote H&M teams up with Alexander Wang article. But oh no, H&M is not ready with us.

Magnificent clothes

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Love yourself ♥
My crazy impuls ♥#boxbraids #hair
I  C  A  N  T  W  A  I  T /  ワンオクロック♥  #oneokrock #taka #ryota #tomoya #toru #oor #okuroku #10969 #thebeginning 13DEC2014 #AMSTERDAM @strangeronthenet
What is your Family/ Ohana, Kazoku to you ? I’m thankfull for my familia because they always catch me, support me, give me strainght & joy. Thank you fam & mom my star ★#always united  @missimij @strangeronthenet
We girls should never give up, we should be strong and believe in the impossible. you know why ? Click the link in my bio to visit my blog to know what I’m talking about.  #internationaldayofgirls #girlsrock !!
How to Be Awesome (for Girls). International Day of the Girl

How to Be Awesome (for Girls). International Day of the Girl

Dear, dear girls. This years theme of International Day of the Girl is : Empowering adolescent girls. There for I want to write a How to Be Awesome (for Girls).  First of all. I want to congratulate all girls who became wonderful women’s and mothers. Plus all girls who are still surviving and standing strong in this cold world. You’re all amazing for going trough all of this cruelties we are…

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I’m back to long hair !?! I can’t really accept it. What ya’ll think ? I guess im a lover of short hair now, I’ve had short hair for 9 months now. That’s a record for me.  #extreme changes are difficult for everybody, whatever size/form. #Life #hair #african
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