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Are you living or are you existing
Spring can be soo beautiful even in black and white you can see every detail of her beauty ♥ #sakura #cherryblossum #spring #joy
Im a new woman today 
Challenge yourself every now and then. Change your looks #Natural & #Classy 
4 different photo’s become 1  #flower #sakura #sun #spring
When your boyfriend surprises you after returning from his trip. with an appearance at your trainee/ workplace. & brings flowers like this. All you can do is smile & be happy/#bestboyfriendever 
"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strenght, while loving someone deeply gives you courage"
Living the life ★ #vscogood #fashion & #clothes all day !! #african #life
Sweetlife ♪
yesterdays vday with babe was fabv& romantic @cphunguyen made my fave food & played on his guitar while I
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