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Like for real !? #meme
M  I  S  S    A  F  R  I  C  A
Amazing people do amazing things. Rest on peace. #robinwilliams  
You rocked our world !!
A smile and a classy look

A smile and a classy look

Lovely stylish Izel

Izel’s classy look of today is black and white. I love how she whore this combination. It’s a piece that can be worn everywhere. It’s perfect for a day to school or a casual meeting, but it’s also a daybreak outfit that goes well with all of  the activities of your day. it makes you look mature but still playful.

Shoes by Sasha/ Pants by H&M/ Tight top by Tally Weijl/ Necklace by Primark



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Coming soon : Project Expressing is freedom

Coming soon : Project Expressing is freedom



The time is here amazing people !! Next week we are going to start with the project Expressing is freedom. I’m so happy to announce this. I hope everyone will have an amazing time, gain new experiences or will boost up their self-esteem by participating.  I look forward to see you all featured on my blog. And most of all, im looking forward to all of the styles plus the different people who…

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